We are Clever Collective.

Jac and Dan from Clever CollectiveClever Collective creates custom, handcrafted, home and office furniture that offers clever designs to complement specific needs and styles.  We explore your vision, we refine it, we source materials, and we build it.

Founded by husband and wife team Dan and Jaclyn Mayer out of their home in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA. From the beginning of their relationship, it was obvious to Jaclyn that Dan had a unique skill set, unlike anyone she had ever known. Dan is self-taught in everything he creates; building bikes, bike wheels, tables, desks, chairs.  Even designing and engineering by hand, by Photoshop, by Illustrator. He studies relentlessly, experiments aggressively, and perfects simply.

Dan is also a former US Marine and competitive cyclist. Thus, he has the work ethic and obsessive attention to detail that allows him to grind on a project for hours without complaint.

And so the artist needs someone to keep it all flowing together, that is where Jaclyn comes in. Jaclyn graduated business school from the University of Illinois and has spent her career building a toolbox to prepare herself for entrepreneurship. From sales to project management to operations, she has worked for Fortune 500 companies and for small businesses.

Dan and Jaclyn have created Clever Collective to bring creativity and function together in one harmonious form.

Let’s get started with your project.